On stage in Germany

Sean began doing comedy over a decade ago, and has studied acting at U of M Western, The New Heritage Theater Company , Boise State University, The Groundlings School of Improvisation, Upright Citizens Brigade, Comedy Sportz, and Monkey Butler Comedy.


In January of 2009, and thanks to MB, Sean was invited to the world’s stage touring the show “scribble” with the group The Urban Poets.  A cutting edge performance piece  with Hip hop dance, Spoken word, and comedy.

“…the hilarious interjections from “Sean”…proved distinct highlights…”

– Tom Lennie of Cross Rhythms


Sean has taught acting and improv workshops in Switzerland, Scotland, Spain, England, and through out the United States.  He also created “Monkey Butler Deluxe”  and directed the “Deluxe show” a variety show paying homage to the days of vaudeville, and giving artists a platform to showcase there multifaceted talents.

Monday May 18th 2009 Sean founded the Monkey Butler Branch MBUK in Sheffield England.  Thanks to Isaac Randall and Ryan offutt it has become a thriving improv theater that  teaches free workshops to the community this day.

Sean has also been featured on youtubes comedy page, for sketch performances, as well as the front page of,, and with Wicked Awesome Films.

Some thing you may hear in one of Sean’s classes. “This is a safe place.  I dare you to imagine…be bold and feel free to fall, because we are here to pick each other back up. We are here to break outside of ourselves to over come boundaries.”

Interesting facts about Sean:


Sean has performed at the largest arts festival in the world.  Edinburgh Scotland’s “Fringe Festival” with the Urban poets.  And returned again in August 2010 with  the ” story Board Collective”. A production company consisting of multi-talented  artists expressing story in various ways through media and art.  Sean is also a co-creator producer and founding member of SBC.

He has been blessed by the Dali Lama when he hosted ‘His Holiness’ in 2005 for over seven thousand of Idaho’s youth.

Sean was elected Student Body President at Shields Valley high school in 2000.  And even hosted school pep rally’s as just a Sophomore in High school.

He thinks Jesus is truly amazing and wonderful!

…and his most important talent… He can hold his breath while riding through most tunnels.

Click here to begin the Journey.



…a little more info on Sean…

In 2000 Sean started “Recycled Minds Improv”, an edgy short form/Sketch group known for pushing the envelope and maintaining a wide age group of an audience. They performed every week at Club Savvy’s in Garden City Idaho, creating a show that could capture an audience, and maintain a pace that would leave people wanting more each week.

“They Make Damn Good funny”-Boise Weekly

He then toured across the north Western United States.  Performing with such company’s as New Heritage theater company, as well as Idaho Shakespeare Festivals’ “Idaho Theater for Youth”.  Both were different  educational outreach programs and performances that interacted with students in impromtu discussions.

After 3 years with R.M.I. He became one of the Founding Members of Comedy Sportz Idaho before  moving to L.A. to further in Acting, and Improv.  Sean’s first week in L.A. he auditioned for and was excepted at the Groundlings school of improvisation.

The Groundlings are known for turning out talent that continues on to stages like Saturday Night Live, and Mad T.V.

Sean Later joined “Monkey Butler”, now L.A.’s fastest growing improv school. After 3 months with MB he Joined the ranks of Monkey Butler’s outstanding Improv troop “Soda Jerk”.

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  1. #1 by Nancy on November 30, 2009 - 7:07 am

    You are the most Incredible person I have ever encountered! You are unbelievably talented and so Good Looking. God has richly Blessed us with you arriving in our lives!!! Keep on the straight and ‘Road less traveled’.

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